August 26

Meet Ned Kelly

Although I have read many books about the notorious Australian bushranger, this one by authour Janeen Brian and illushrated by Matt Adams would have to be my all time favourate. This book is an historical account of Ned Kelly’s life using an old. fashioned style of presentation throughout the book including clay figurines,watercolor and sepia ink. I suggest that this book could be enjoyed by any  age of person who loves history or arty picture book.

Co-written by mrs Ryan,Ayse,Ana,Mitch,Sharlotte,Kel,Tnaya Renis and Zeke.

December 1

My Achievements

Read my awesome achievements.

Reading -I have improved in reading big words.

Writing -I have improved in doing more writing.

Maths-I have improved by learning more of my time tables.

Social-I have improved in talking to more people.

I have enjoyed maths because I have learnt more.